Insurance Insights

Safe Driving Saves Money.

It’s pretty simple: Drivers with a record of accidents and moving violations (including speeding tickets) typically pay higher insurance premiums than those with a clean driving record. In fact, industry experts have stated that even a single ticket could increase your auto premium by 22%.

Fortunately, there’s a way to minimize what you pay for auto insurance—and it starts with understanding the factors that help determine your rate.

Premium Prices:

  • Before giving you a premium price quote for your automobile coverage, insurance companies look at your driving record for the last three to five years
  • Your driving record reveals how risky you would be as an insured
  • Drivers with lots of tickets and/or accidents are considered more of a potential liability because statistically, they will get into more accidents and have more tickets in the future

Safe Driving Pays:

  • If you have no accidents or tickets on your record recently, you may be eligible for a lower rate
  • You may also be eligible for a significant discount after several years of good driving
  • If you’ve gone several years without an accident on your record you could qualify for an accident forgiveness program

Safety First

A good driving record can also reduce your deductible! This is extremely beneficial for those who elect a higher deductible in exchange for smaller premiums.

The bottom line: Be careful out there and drive safely—not just for the safety of yourself and others, but also for the sake of your bank account.

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