Risk Transfer
Subcontractor Prequalification Manual
Managing risk with subcontractors

For the general contractor or owner of a project, the key to a successful risk management program is understanding the proper techniques for assessing safety and successfully transferring risk to those who will be working on the construction site.

VTC Insurance Group has deep experience working with contractors of all sizes for almost 60 years, and our insurance agents have a keen understanding of contract insurance provisions and how to properly use the insurance contract to manage risk.

Below are select downloads from our Subcontractor Prequalification Manual. Please contact your VTC insurance agent for more information and to request the complete manual.

Review Financial Qualifications

  Use this form for obtaining contractor’s financial information.

Evaluate Safety Performance of Subcontractor

  Use safety criteria to evaluate the quality of subcontractors
for consideration on a job site.
  1. Learn about incident rates and how to calculate them for safety management
  2. Understand the significance of the experience modification rating and how to compare ratings between subcontractors
  3. See OSHA reporting requirements
Contact your VTC insurance agent to learn more about experience modifications and incident rates.

Review Best Practices

  Gain a better understanding of best practices to properly transfer risk through contracts, including “hold harmless” agreements.

Gain Indemnification from Subcontractors

  Indemnification in the state of Michigan.
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