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Hard-Working Tips to Help Workers Avoid Hand Injuries

Construction workers utilize a wide range of tools that are essential for getting the job done. But there’s no tool more indispensable to the trade than a worker’s hands. For this edition of Construction Safety Matters, we’ve developed a list of precautions you can share with your workers to help safeguard their hands from on-the-job injury—and keep them in peak working condition.

Make Use of Machine Guards

Never operate machinery that does not have a working guard to protect your hands. Always use a lockout device on machinery when you have to reach into it for any reason. Immediately replace guards when you remove them. When safety guards are missing from machinery, hands, fingers and arms can easily be caught.

Wear Gloves

Always wear work gloves when handling rough materials or performing operations where you are using your hands to lift or move objects. An Occupational Safety and Health Administration study revealed that 70% of workers experiencing hand injuries were not wearing gloves. The remaining 30% were making use of damaged, inadequate or inappropriate types of gloves for the job. Choose the right gloves for the task and inspect them thoroughly before use.

Be Cautious of Sharp Objects

Utilize the correct safety procedures when handling knives, box cutters and other sharp objects. Never attempt to pick up broken glass, nails or other sharp objects not meant for handling with bare hands; always use appropriate gloves or a broom.

Remove Rings

No matter how much sentimental value they carry, rings put your hands in grave danger on the job. They can very easily catch on machinery and other objects, resulting in lacerations, amputations or broken bones. Always remove rings before beginning work.

Stay Alert for Pinch Points

When moving an object, either on a hand truck or by carrying it, be sure the path is wide enough for you to move through safely before you start the job. When you set a heavy object down, be aware of the placement of your hands. Always be alert for possible pinch points.

Speak Up

If you have any other issues regarding the protection of your hands on the job, talk to your supervisor. Remember, your safety is the first priority.

We Can Help Keep Workers Safe

To learn more about on-the-job safety, talk to the construction safety experts at VTC Insurance Group. We have resources and guidelines designed to keep construction workers on the job and injury-free. You can reach us at 248.828.3377 or visit vtcins.com.

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